KORTEKS is the biggest European fully-integrated polyester continuous filament yarn manufacturer. It has been serving as polyester yarn producer to the local and international polyester yarn markets for over two decades.

Today KORTEKS Yarn has 335,000 m² of production facilities whose daily polymer production capacities amount to 580 tons of polymer, 400 tons of pre-oriented yarn (POY), and 120 tons of fully-drawn yarn (FDY-Flat yarn). In addition, the company turns out 350 tons a day of texturized yarns (DTY-PTY, ATY) and 25 tons a day of polyester twisted, fancy, and elastic yarns.

With its tight-spot, Knit de Knit (KDK) torque-free, special-effect, fancy twisted, and elastic yarns in more than 100 dope-dyed (polymer-spun dyed) color options intended for use in different applications and with its branded products such as DRY TOUCH® with their advanced functional features in addition to its normal POY (Pre-Oriented Yarn), FDY (Fully Drawn Yarn- Flat Yarn), conventional texturized yarns (FT, FTF-Friction Twist), Air Jet Texturized (ATY-AJT-Taslan), Improved Textured Yarns (ITY), monofilament, twisted yarns, the company offers a product line whose diversity is sufficient to meet nearly all of the sector's requirements.

DRY TOUCH® fabric is made from high-tech functional channel cross-sectioned yarns that are produced at KORTEKS AS yarn factory employing special techniques. DRY TOUCH®, a genuine high-performance moisture management fabric that is also natural-looking and soft to the touch and provides perfect moisture absorption, breathability and improved cover.

TAC yarns are used to produce for high performance fabrics to enable improved functionality. The yarns are available in different functional categories such as TAC ANTIMICROBIAL, TAC COTTONLIKE, TAC MICROMUSS and TAC UV RESISTANT, TAC ANTISTATIC, TAC FLAME RETARDANT (FR) yarns.

Apart from all mentioned above KORTEKS Polyester Yarn Company have also been focusing on automotive textile, and carpet yarns. With its high quality, over 100 standard and almost infinite number of customized colors, flexibility and short dispatch times KORTEKS Automotive Yarns Programs are showing huge successes and providing company self confidence to look at to the future more secure. It is almost similar story on carpet yarns. Since the use of PES yarns is continuously increasing on carpet manufacturing, KORTEKS is getting advantage of its polymer dyed colors, high quality and experiences and abilities of its own chemical & textile laboratories. Research and Development Department is playing the key role in this innovations of this new application fields of polyester filament yarns

For the design, production, and shipping stages of the polyester yarns and chips that KORTEKS produces, a quality management system and an environmental management system have been installed in order to involve everyone in the effort to achieve the highest level of quality while minimizing the environmental impact of our production processes.

With 2,250 employees and an outstanding portfolio of suppliers and customers, KORTEKS Polyester Yarn makes a significant contribution as an employer and producer to the economic life not just of Turkey but of its hinterland as well.

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