We believe that our employees, whom we consider our most valuable asset, are the most important factor in our success. In this context, we continuously develop and renew our human resources processes and systems in order to employ talented employees and create a positive work environment by supporting the culture of innovation.

The main purpose of human resources management at KORTEKS is to bring the right talent that shares our values to KORTEKS, to support the training of employees who are exemplary with their knowledge and experience, who are specialized in their field of activity, and to create and develop career opportunities for employees.

In line with KORTEKS' values and deep-rooted corporate culture, all HR processes from recruitment to talent management, from career moves to training and development programs are managed without any discrimination and privilege, taking into account the competencies required by the job, employee potential and performance, and evaluated using scientifically based tools with proven validity and reliability.

In order to be a part of KORTEKS, you can apply in person at our workplace or you can apply online to our advertisements published on career websites.


In order to increase the competencies of our employees, ensure their professional development and increase their sectoral knowledge, trainings and development practices are provided within our company. Training planning is prepared in line with the development needs identified as a result of performance evaluation.  Our Training Programs - Statutory and mandatory trainings                                        
- Vocational trainings
- Technical trainings
- Social compliance trainings
- Lean training programs
- Professional development trainings
- Leadership trainings
- First Level Supervisor trainings 
- Personal development trainings
- Gender equality trainings



KORTEKS’s Salary Management System is regularly reviewed and updated in light of current national and sectoral salary market conditions, job position requirements, company salary policy, and employee performance criteria. In the case of the company’s white-collar personnel, salary is based on competencies and performance. In the case of blue-collar personnel, the terms of the collective bargaining agreements which the company has entered into are complied with.



Career Fairs and Technical Trips

With the Career Fairs we participate in throughout the year and factory visits organized at the High School and University level, we are always with young people, sharing our experiences, producing together and inspiring each other. We care about the development of young people and strive to prepare them for business life in the best way possible.

University Industry Collaborations

Thanks to our collaborations with Uludağ University, TOBB University of Economics and Technology and Bursa Technical University, we provide semester internship opportunities where you can gain experience and prepare for business life with educational development opportunities.  Applications are made through the career centers of universities and internship acceptances are made within the determined quota, taking into account the level of success.

Summer Internship

We provide summer internship opportunities to students studying in the 3rd and 4th grades of universities in order to share our knowledge and experience with them and to provide them with a good internship experience in their career journey. 
Internship applications are received every year in April. 

Vocational Training Internships

Pursuant to the Vocational Education Law No. 3308, we observe the practical application of the theoretical knowledge that young high school students learn in their classes and share our experiences with them. With our internship program focusing on technical and professional issues, we prepare you for a successful career and improve your social skills and professionalism.

Internship applications are received in April every year.