About Zorlu Holding and Zorlu Group companies

The foundations of the Zorlu Group were laid in 1953 in the town of Babadağ in Denizli, a province in Turkey’s southwest. Continuing to have dreams for its homeland and aspiring to make them a reality through innovative ideas and attitudes, the Zorlu Group is one of the essential cornerstones of Turkey’s manufacturing industry.

With more than 60 companies, about 34 thousand employees, and exports shipped to over 160 countries, Zorlu Holding today is one of the biggest industrial concerns not just in Turkey but in the country’s hinterland as well. Active in business lines ranging from textiles and consumer electronics to white goods and information technologies and from energy and real estate to mining and defense industries, Zorlu Holding contributes to the healthy development of the Turkish economy while continuing to pursue sustainable and profitable growth itself.


Zorlu Holding’s portfolio consists of   companies that make a strong and sustainable contribution to the Turkish economy.

The members of the Vestel Group of Companies are active in consumer electronics, white goods, information technologies, and defense industries. Exporting products and services to nearly 160 countries, Vestel has also been Turkey’s top exporter of durable consumer goods for the last 23 years in a row. Having experienced a major transformation in the automotive sector with its electric vehicle batteries and its partnership in the TOGG domestic automobile project, Vestel is positioned as the solution partner of corporate customers with the electric vehicle chargers it produces, while continuing its efforts to meet the needs and expectations of consumers.


The Zorlu Textiles Group ranks among the world’s major textile-manufacturers. With a portfolio that contains such internationally-recognized home textile labels as TAÇ, Linens, and Valeron, the group is also Europe’s and the Middle East’s biggest integrated polyester yarn-maker thanks to another of its members, KORTEKS.

Turkey’s pioneering leader of renewable energy in Turkey, the Zorlu Energy Group focuses on energy-resource sufficiency and sustainability as it seeks to close the gap between the energy that Turkey needs and what it produces. Zorlu Energy Group members work together to provide integrated services in the areas of electricity and steam generation and sales, electrical power trade, turnkey-delivery power plant construction, power plant operation, maintenance and repair services, and natural gas distribution and trade.

Zorlu Real Estate develops prestigious real estate projects that are acclaimed for their architectural flair, comfort, and functionality. Zorlu Real Estate is the author of Zorlu Center, Turkey’s first five-function multi-purpose project and one that set a new benchmark for real estate development in the country.

Meta Nikel Kobalt aims to develop Turkey’s nickel-cobalt deposits through exploration, extraction, exportation, R&D, and investment.


The journey that began over seven decades ago with a hand-operated loom, continues with the same enthusiasm and commitment today as Zorlu Holding advances into the future.

Today Zorlu Holding is a corporate group whose members together employee 34 thousand people, export goods and services to more than 160 countries, and had a combined turnover of TL 102,8 billion as of end-2022. It is an active player in strategic sectors of Turkey’s industrial landscape as an effective and sought-after solution partner.

The Zorlu Group’s medium- and long-term goal is to join the ranks of the world’s 500 biggest companies. As it pursues this goal, it also intends to remain one of the Turkish economy’s most innovative enterprises. Guided by its principle of creating value for Turkey while being a business partner trusted by its customers and other stakeholders, the Zorlu Group is mindful of the social and environmental as well as the economic aspects of everything that it does.

For more detailed information about the Zorlu Group please visit www.zorlu.com.tr