Dear Stakeholders and Employees,

Starting its operations in Bursa in 1989 to meet the high quality polyester yarn requirements of Turkish textile sector, KORTEKS, being the largest integrated polyester yarn manufacturer and exporter in Europe, today continues to create added value for Turkey with its nearly 2.100 employees.

Operating on a total manufacturing area of 352 thousand m2, KORTEKS, with its 200 thousand tons of annual production capacity, is capable to meet 17% of yarn requirement of Turkey on its own and is exporting to almost 50 countries in 5 continents including Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, USA, Canada, Egypt, Algeria, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa as well.

Having achieved 346 million USD turnover and 55 million USD export by the end of 2022, KORTEKS continues to offer high quality, effective, fast and first – hand services to over 4.000 customers in Turkey and globally with its 2.750 different types of yarns.

Yarns offered currently by KORTEKS are used in a wide range of areas including home textile products such as curtains, beddings, carpet, towels; clothings such as suits, ties, scarfs and underwear; automotive products such as headliners, seat and door panel coverings and outdoor applications such as sunshades, canvas, garden furniture, sun lounger, umbrellas etc. and the range of products and solutions offered are gradually widened.
Today, in KORTEKS we shape all our activities including those innovative products and solutions in the frame of Zorlu Holding’s sustainability vision; Smart Life 2030. With an approach driven by circular economy based innovations, we make smart all the work processes from raw material to semi manufactured goods, production to quality control, shipment to aftersales technical services and support.

Being one of the leading plants of the world in terms of the technology used, in KORTEKS we combine this technology with R&D and innovation and carry out customer experience oriented numerous innovative works and gain a competitive advantage towards our competitors.

We make our plant Industry 4.0 compliant and our machines smart and take preventive measures for defects before their appearance and avert malfunction originated manufacturing capacity falls and enhance the efficiency of our works.

Through this perspective, we consider the technical textiles market which is currently around 160 billion USD and expected to reach 475 billion USD by 2025, as one of the driving forces of our growth. Today, 20% of our production in KORTEKS consist of yarns used in the field of technical textiles.

Over the long, in the scope of wearable technology, we anticipate to focus more on sportswear able to measure body functions such as body heat, blood pressure and heart beat and technical textiles associated with military clothes and supplies.

In this context, we maintain our collaboration with many university and research institutes with an aim to make our yarn more functional and to grab a stronger position in the smart textile market. TAÇ UV resistant polyester yarns developed for outdoor fabrics such as sun shades, canvas and garden furniture and DRY TOUCH® ensuring easy air permeability from outside to inside and moisture discharge from inside to outside and used in sportswear, underwear, denim wear, overalls and ready-wear are among the first samples of such yarns offered to market. On the basis of circular economy, we produce PLA yarns acquired from agricultural products with high starch content such as corn and sugar cane and recycled polyester filament yarns where PET bottles are used as a raw material. We keep on our efforts to start up our own polyester recycling plant within next year.

Along with technical textiles, automotive sector also continues to be one of the driving forces of our growth. Currently we are able to meet 15% of European consumption thanks to our 5.000 tons automotive yarn exports and keep on adding the suppliers of leading European automotive brands into our portfolio. We anticipate to have a vast range of fields to penetrate in this area and figure our efforts accordingly.

Customer experience oriented manufacturing concept is the background of many achievements we made so far. Our cut-resistant product used for cut-resistant gloves developed for glove manufacturers and antistatic yarn used for the production of clothes for clean rooms are among our most current products reflecting our customer experience oriented R&D and P&D concept. In the forthcoming periods, we intend to continue to consider customer experience as our largest wealth and to grow by shaping all our processes accordingly.

In the years ahead, as KORTEKS, we will carry on increasing our contribution to the economy and take unfaltering steps to proceed for the future with our circular economy based innovation and customer experience oriented manner of work, without any compromises on our quality and cherishing the environment and humans. By regenerating and becoming stronger and transforming into a smart, sustainable and more added value generating company, we shall keep on realising the firsts in Turkey and globally.

As KORTEKS, in this long-winded journey started in 1989, we present our gratitude particularly to our employees, suppliers, business partners and all other stakeholders and emphasize that for a better future we shall continue to do our best with same commitment and perseverance.

Yours Truly,
General Manager