Human resources management at KORTEKS is informed by an awareness that the most important way for the company to achieve its goals is to have employees who are not just good at their jobs but who like doing those jobs as well. When recruiting the human resources it needs, the company selects people who not only have the qualifications required of the job position but who are also capable of further development and of appreciating and upholding our corporate values. Equality of opportunity and the principle of “Equal Pay For Equal Work” are two fundamental tenets of all KORTEKS human resources practices while the company’s HR approach simultaneously incorporates transparent performance management, career planning, and on-the-job training.

KORTEKS’s attitude towards human resources management may be summed up as follows:

  • We recognize that our human resources are fundamental to our competitive edge.
  • We expect every employee to accept our shared values.
  • We want our company to be a employer that people especially want to work for.
  • We are mindful of fairness and equality of opportunity among our employees.
  • We value and reward success and superior performance.
  • We keep track of current developments in human resources management and practices and we adopt those that are compatible with our own needs.
  • We strive to inculcate among our employees an appreciation for the importance of sustainability, by which we mean satisfying today’s needs in ways that do not deplete the resources of future generations.