International-standard, state-of-the-art technologies are used to monitor all yarn production processes. In keeping with our principle of achieving and maintaining the highest level of product quality, all outsourced raw and auxiliary materials are checked upon arrival to be certain they comply with order specifications. All test equipment that is used is systematically checked for compatibility with current yarn-manufacturing technology. Such equipment is monitored, verified, and updated in accordance with a specified certification and calibration program.


Bobbin and dope dyed yarns are investigated, tested, and analyzed in our color labs in order to provide our customers with quick and accurate dyeing services. Color catalogues are prepared so as to reflect current trends and preferences. Our labs are equipped with sensitive spectral analysis, yarn drawn, and color-fastness devices and they are staffed by well-trained and experienced personnel (including colorists) who ensure that the most suitable recipes are prepared.

Special equipment is used to analyze fabric flaws and to test the performance of new products’ yarns and fabrics for compatibility with international norms. The results of such tests and analyses are shared with customers.