As one of the essential cornerstones of Turkey’s manufacturing industries, the textile sector is the one in which the first seeds of the Zorlu Group were sown and Zorlu Textiles patiently wove its name into products that transformed the company into a global force. Not least because it is the sector in which our roots are deepest, it gives us pride to know that Zorlu remains one of the sector’s strongest and most highly-respected players in Turkey today.

Our group’s journey got under way in 1953 with hand-operated looms in the town of Babadağ in southwestern Turkey. Thanks to the progress we’ve made since then, we’ve become a strong, global player as well as an industry leader. For people from many different cultures living in many different parts of the world today we are one of their first choices in home textiles. All over the world our “Made By Zorlu” signature is recognized as an assurance of quality.

Underlying all of the success that the Zorlu Textiles Group has achieved lies a truly potent force: Korteks. As an innovative partner for some of the world’s best-known labels, yarns made in a Korteks factory are used in every sheet and comforter that our group weaves. As the biggest polyester yarn-maker in the Middle East and Europe, Korteks has been producing yarns for both Turkish and major international textile manufacturers for three decades.

Korteks is the biggest supplier of polyester yarns to its home market. At its production facilities located in Bursa the company employs about two thousand people in order to turn out 150 thousand tons of yarn every year. Focusing its attentions on functional-featured and innovative yarn-making technologies, Korteks on its own contributes a substantial part of Turkey’s total polyester yarn output. Besides supporting Turkey’s own textile industry with products equipped with unique high-tech, functional features, we can also take pride in knowing that the exports we ship to more than sixty countries add value to our national economy.

Through its advanced R&D investments Korteks, Korteks comes up with innovative solutions that address the particular needs of the prestigious national and international labels with which it partners. That is what Korteks does and what it will continue to do. For we believe that so long as manufacturing continues in this country, textile-making is going to remain a potent force and whenever there’s an innovative development in the Turkish textile industry, Korteks will be making the yarn for it.

Thank you for your confidence in Korteks,
Zeki Zorlu
Honorary President
Ahmet Zorlu