A patented performance fabric brand, DRY TOUCH® fabric's unique features arise from their yarns. DRY TOUCH® is the brand name of a fabric and not that of a yarn. The right to make DRY TOUCH® fabrics belongs exclusively to Zorlu Holding, which has licensed a limited number of other manufacturers to use the process. To ensure quality consistency, Korteks checks the features of DRY TOUCH® fabrics at each stage of their production. Finished fabrics are documented and certified, which ensures fabrics will be made to exactly the same specifications the next time an order for them is placed. DRY TOUCH® products are uniquely labelled in order to prevent them from being replicated or counterfeited. Ever stage of DRY TOUCH® fabric and product manufacture from initial yarns to final goods (including even their placement on store racks) is subject to strict oversight in order to be assured of end-user satisfaction.

DRY TOUCH® fabrics are made from high-tech functional channel cross-sectioned fibers that are made at Korteks’s own yarn factory using a patented technology. The combination of advanced technology with functionality results in the creation of high-performance DRY TOUCH® fabrics that simultaneously look natural, feel softer, and have better draping features.

Advanced moisture management

The patented channel cross-sectioned fibers used in DRY TOUCH® fabrics allow them to “breathe” naturally by letting air in and moisture out. Tests have shown that DRY TOUCH® fabrics absorb moisture faster than do ordinary cotton fabrics. In tests in which DRY TOUCH® fabrics are submerged vertically into water, they absorb far more water than cotton fabrics are capable of.


DRY TOUCH® performance fabrics are suitable for use in a wide range of applications and garments such as sportswear, underwear, denimwear, work clothes, and ready-to-wear garments.

Thanks to Zorlu Holding’s quality approach, dynamic structural support, and competitive pricing, DRY TOUCH® is by far the unchallenged leader of its market.



Feels just like cotton… But with features better than cotton…

Specially developed by Korteks, DRY TOUCH® Cottonlike fabrics are made from high-tech yarns that are the result of texturizing 100% polyester POY (partially oriented yarn). Cottonlike yarns are high-filament yarns whose features resemble natural fibers.

While they may resemble fabrics made from natural fibers, DRY TOUCH® Cottonlike fabrics are much less likely to wrinkle or shrink than cotton fabrics are and they are also much more durable. When woven into cloth, Cottonlike yarns feel just as soft and “cottony” as the real thing.

Owing to its superior performance features, DRY TOUCH® Cottonlike is a preferred choice among garment-manufacturers, especially those who make sportswear, informal wear, work clothes, and underwear.

*** Please check out the chart below to find the particular DRY TOUCH® fabrics and yarn qualities that best suit your requirements.



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