Our quality and environment policies

KORTEKS has installed quality management and environmental management systems which are acknowledged by all employees and whose aims are to:

  • Achieve the sustainably highest level of quality in all polyester yarn and chip design, production, control, and shipping processes.
  • Minimize the adverse environmental impact of those processes.

In order to fulfill the requirements of both of these systems we therefore pledge ourselves to:

  1.  Satisfy customers’ wishes and expectations fully and in a timely manner.
  2.  Enhance customer satisfaction through our marketing and after-sales services.
  3.  Keep abreast of innovations in our industry in order to constantly improve our products’ quality.
  4.  Improve the continuity and effectiveness of our quality and environmental management systems through planned and disciplined efforts.
  5.  Conduct our activities and operations in such a way as to satisfy mandatory as well as all other applicable product- and environment-related requirements.
  6.  Do everything necessary insofar as our manufacturing processes and technologies allow in order to prevent pollution and reduce natural resource consumption.
  7.  Encourage our suppliers to be environmentally-aware in the conduct of their own activities and operations.
  8.  Abide by the principles set forth in the United Nations Global Compact.

Our Customer Satisfaction Policy

KORTEKS has installed a customer satisfaction management system whose aims are to:

Kurduğumuz bu sistemin gereklerine paralel olarak;

  • Effectively manage customer demands, suggestions, and complaints
  • Achieve and maintain the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.
  1. Be fair and impartial in our adherence to a customer-focused point of view
  2.  Comply with the requirements of laws and regulations as well as with specific contractual terms
  3.  Address and deal with customer demands, suggestions, and complaints in the shortest possible time
  4.  Be clear and specific in the provision of information while always being mindful of information confidentiality
  5.  Be explicit and transparent whenever communicating with customers
  6.  Take care to prevent repetition of instances of customer dissatisfaction through continuous feedback and improvement.